Trinity Lutheran Columbus


We’re pleased you’ve found your spiritual home at Trinity. Your membership is an important part of your witness as a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. God has always called His people together in worship, ministry, missions, and fellowship with one another. There is no biblical example of individual Christian faith apart from the body of God’s people in Christ—His church. 

Your faith in Christ unites you with believers everywhere. Your church membership connects you with a community of believers with whom you can grow spiritually, serve Christ, and be blessed with meaningful friendships! 

Our life in the church also enables us to be accountable to one another and to the Word of God. As we mature spiritually, we grow in our knowledge and application of the Scriptures and develop a biblical worldview that protects us from the common deceptions of modern life and leads us in fulfilling God’s designs. 

New Member Seminar

The New Member Seminar is a three-part presentation scheduled two or three times annually. The presentations in each seminar are held on three consecutive Sunday Mornings during the teaching hour between services – 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. The New Member Seminar is required for you to become a Trinity member. Select the seminar that suits you and fits your calendar. Once you’ve completed the seminar you will be invited to be received by the congregation at an upcoming worship service. Each Sunday presentation will cover topics of special interest to those who are new to the church, as well as to those who are life-long followers of Christ. 

Please contact the church office if you are interested in becoming a member of Trinity.


At Trinity, we find joy in praying for individuals. Kindly express your prayer intentions, and we will lift them up in our prayers.

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